Some people can say Arizona is too hot

Some people can say Arizona is too hot but I believe it’s just right. Arizona has western deserts, high alpine meadows, Native American culture, native ruins and breathtaking natural wonders you would not want to miss. We have many parks throughout the state, one of which is South Mountain Park, which is the largest public park in the world. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I would not choose any other place to live, I love it here. There is a variety of people who live in Arizona. We also have people that migrate to our state from their own during the winter because it was too cold for them at home.

You will never freeze in Arizona. You could be in the water everyday of the year and it will still feel good. Throughout the year, the average temperature is 80 degrees. The desert is something that not all states have. We have beautiful cacti and rare animals. You don’t have to drive far to get a scenic view. Usually the mountains are right at your side. Lizards are one reptile you see a lot. Snakes and hyenas are not usually in the city but you can go to the desert outdoors and catch a glimpse of many.

One beautiful and scenic site you could visit is The Grand Canyon. I have been there myself; it’s a nice place to visit. While I was there, I saw many animals and got close to many edges of the canyon. It would probably drop you a couple thousand feet if you fell off. It was scary but relaxing at the same time, an experience I will never forget. Another place I visited was Salt River Canyon; we went hiking along the river. The river has many curves and a two thousand foot deep river canyon. I have not been Salt River tubing yet, but I cannot wait to go. Other great things in Arizona are the Petrified Forest, Old Tucson, Phoenix Zoo and many museums.

Another thing that I like about Arizona and will keep me here is that we don’t get earthquakes, tsunamis or tornados. Therefore, we don’t have to be scared or worried. Yes, we get rain and sometimes it rains hard but I love it. I have gotten used to the temperature and climate up here. It rarely gets humid, other states get humid and it feels nasty. There are also many things to do for entertainment purposes. I always go out and have a good time. I would like to go out and meet new people, so make Phoenix as your next home.

I have lived in Arizona for 18 years and I plan to make my life here. I know people who have lived here moved away and came back because they like it so much in Arizona. I would recommend someone to live here instead of another state. Other states are nice to visit, but Arizona is a nice place to visit and stay forever. If you made Arizona your home, you would be pleased with your decision.

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