Arizona is my home

Arizona is my home. I was born in the Desert Samaritan Hospital in Mesa, Arizona on March 9th in 1983. I was the first person in my family born in Arizona. I grew up, the youngest of five children, in Chandler, Arizona. As I grew, Chandler grew too, and continues to grow today. Chandler is a diverse community, both ethnically and economically. This diversity, I feel, helped me to become an open-minded and accepting person. The schools in Chandler encourage their students to participate in community service and this helps to create a very active community. The schools and teachers are fantastic, and the reason I hope to become a teacher. Chandler is both urban and rural and traveling is easy due to the development of the new freeway system.

Since my childhood, six more family members have been born in Arizona, three were born in the same hospital I was. All of my siblings still live in Arizona in the Chandler/Mesa/Gilbert area. I live in Tucson, in southern Arizona. Living in Tucson has given me another view of Arizona. Tucson is a big city striving to maintain a small town image. Like Chandler, Tucson is very diverse. Tucson is surrounded by mountains and provides outdoorsmen, like my husband (who grew up in Tucson) and his friends, ample stomping-ground for hiking, four wheeling, and camping. Tucson still has a lot of wildlife and the Sonoran Desert Museum, located in Tucson, Arizona, displays the many attractions of the Sonoran desert.

I love Arizona and plan to live here for many years to come. I hope that when I become a teacher, I can help my students learn to love Arizona as much as I do.

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