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We value your privacy! If you want to send us correspondence or ask us a question we promise to keep the question and your contact information 100% confidential.

You may provide us with your personal information such as your first name, last name, phone number, address, email address, and alternate telephone number. You will see some forms on this website which ask for that information in exchange for a free consultation for a credit correction service. However, you must understand that we am not hosting those forms. That information is collected by the service provider NOT me.

Specifically, we are a marketing agency for a law firm called The Lexington Law Firm. When you request a consultation, your information is passed directly to Lexington Law and its marketing company. We do not story any of that information.

On the other hand, there are instances where we may collecting names and email addresses.

We will not collect your email address without your knowledge.

The only way we collect your email address is if you voluntarily provide it to us and request that we send you information regarding a certain topic such as how to dispute an error on your credit report. We never send any unsolicited emails. You may voluntarily provide your email address because you wish to receive information from us. We will send you information via email that is relevant only to the purpose that you requested. We will not send email containing information about topics that we consider to be irrelevant. We are can-spam compliant and you can easily opt-out at any time. Every email we send has an easily identifiable opt-out link.

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We use cookies on this website. A cookie is a harmless file that is placed on your computer. The tracking codes and software that we use incorporate cookies. The cookies will be used for marketing and advertising purposes.

You may notice some links on my site that go to third party websites. We are a marketing agency, also known as a “publisher” who provides prospects and customers for a law firm called “Lexington Law Firm.”

The information on this website is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended for financial or legal advice.

You may see some pictures on this website of people, places, and things. The images are there just to give you some ideas and to show common results from real customers who have used the service advertised on the website. The testimony depicted on the home page of this website and other pages of this website are based upon a factual story and experience. It is based entirely upon a real life experience. Most of the images are of real credit reports, letters that were received in the mail, and the credit score charts from online accounts with the credit bureaus and agencies, etc. However, just to protect the identity of the customers.

Testimonial and Average Results Disclaimer

Finally, the story mentioned above is 100% true. We can document and verify every word on this website. The deletion letters are real and the same exact letters received. The credit score images are ones taken from my real credit monitoring accounts with the bureaus. These are from an actual client of The Lexington Law Firm. Since we are marketing for The Lexington Law Firm, we must also let you know that the results are not the same as other clients. Everybody’s case is unique. We cannot promise you will have the same results.

Here is what the average client has experienced with Lexington Law. Specifically, the average Concord Level clients saw an average of 8.6 removals by month 3 and 28.6 removals by month 12 from their combined credit reports. You MUST take a look at the website to get the full details of the results. These were the results of the average person.