I am an immigrant to the state of Arizona

I am an immigrant to the state of Arizona. Moving from Atlanta, Georgia after living there for some 10 years, I have lived here for a mere 8 years. However, I can honestly say that I truly grew up in this state rather than the one revolving my inception. It was here that I traveled that passage from my teenage years to adulthood. Having reached that stage, I discovered a place to have my fledgling developments embraced. Residing in Ahwatukee, I became enlaced in several ropes I managed to grapple onto. Though these associations made my stay quite pleasant, the particular environmental aspects really enticed me.

Crucial characteristics that appealed to my habits were the lack of rain and temperature. These prove alluring to my sport tendencies, as they ensure warm mornings and minimal chance of rain to disturb sporting events and whimsical jogs. Provided, summers tend to be almost unbearable in the amounts of heat they emanate, but I have become quite acquainted with heated atmospheres, and usually put on sun block whenever exposed. Usually, I prefer to just deal with it at times.

There are also timeless landmarks to be found here, not in the least is one of the wonders of the world, the illustrious Grand Canyon. The saffron walls of cliffs here echo that supreme structure, built by ablation of the prominent feature: rock. In addition, like the minerals that harden on Arizona’s welcoming surface, the fact that Arizona is my home further embeds in my brain as I breathe the air that belongs in Arizona.

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