My Credit Repair Story       - Casey S.

When I attended college I borrowed a lot of credit to pay for my tuition. By the time I finally graduated I had accumulated over $60,000 in credit debt from student loans and credit cards.

Credit card companies made it so conveniently easy to fall into a pool of unprepared debt. Since most credit card companies automatically approve you, it wasn’t hard to gain access to all of the extra available cash. I don’t take back going to school, but I sure wish I
hadn’t been so irresponsible with my money.

At the time, I had a part – time job waiting on tables and it quickly became very difficult to make my credit card payments by the due date. I made an attempt to negotiate with my creditors at that time,but they were not sympathetic and charged unreasonable
fees and interest.

Shortly after I missed a few of my credit card payments, the creditors charged off my negative accounts and sold off my debt to collection agencies.The negative accounts that my creditors sold to these agencies were placed on my credit reports and my credit score got destroyed.

When this was all said and done my credit score crashed to 594. The bad credit history I had made for myself made it practically impossible for me to get approval for anything related to credit.

I made the assertion that my bad credit would disappear with time and after I had reestablished a new positive payment history.Unfortunately, I discovered that the negative credit items terrorizing my score would likely remain on my credit reports for 7 to 10 years.  I did some research on disputing negative credit but the process to remove negative credit report entries was so confusing.

As untimely as this discovery was I was also in the market for a new car because my current one had kicked the bucket.At this time I was a few inches away from a stressful breakdown.As if this wasn’t already bad enough, I was also searching for a new job and I came across an article that said most employers now run credit checks on their potential employee’s.

Most companies assume you are irresponsible and unprofessional if you have bad credit.

Some companies assume you are a thief or have a drug addiction if you have bad credit.

A close friend of mine went through a less severe situation and turned to the Credit Repair Professionals for assistance.After sharing her experience with me, I quickly began to understand that these Credit Repair Professionals could remove any type of negative credit including bankruptcy, collection accounts, charge offs, late payments, foreclosures, repossessions and even student loan defaults.

I took her advice and registered in the same program. Astonishingly enough, I saw progress practically overnight.Within an 11 day time span, the Credit Repair Professionals managed to delete 3 credit card charge off’s from each of the three credit reports!

With these negative items gone my fear of having to wait 7 years to finally have a decent credit score disappeared.Watching my score improve was like Christmas every month.The first month with the Credit Repair Professionals service my score increased 56 points, the following month it shot up 24 points and went out with a bang with a final increase of 77 points. With these improvements my score rose from 594 to an astonishing 745, a 151 point increase
overall! Their ability to remove my negative credit items has been life changing.   

Credit Repair Score Tracking

The Credit Repair Professionals helped boost my score to 745 and removed 98% of my negative credit.I was convinced that my bad credit accounts could not be removed. Thank god I was wrong! Take a look at my actual deletion letters I received in the mail.

Credit Repair Charg-off removed

It was a great feeling to go car shopping knowing that my credit score was so high. I didn’t have to worry about getting approved. I knew that with a credit score of 745 the banks would approve me with no problem.  Thank god that the Credit Repair Professionals are able
to remove bad credit report entries so effectively. 

It felt amazing to know that I could purchase a car without having to worry about the car dealers running a credit check before letting me sign the papers. I knew that with an upgraded credit score of 745, the banks would have no issue with approving me for a loan.

Brand new car thanks to credit Repair

Right here is a picture of my brand new Pathfinder which I got financed at a very low rate, all thanks to the help I received from the Credit Repair Professionals. All in all they managed to increase my credit score from 594 to 745 removing 98% of my negative credit. I would personally refer them to anyone in need of a boosting their credit score and fixing their credit report.